Streamer’s Haven Review

I found a blog called Streamer’s Haven. The whole site is dedicated to giving tips to streamers. I really like their tagline “Don’t Chase Growth, Chase Improvement.” A lot of people get into streaming because they want to get famous. Having a lot of viewers would be cool but using that as your main motivation isn’t good. By striving to improve you are always trying to get better. You can have a lot of people who watch you but if you aren’t good at it it will be bad for you. Also people can see your intentions and having a bad reputation hurts you even more.

Reading stuff about tips for when you are just starting really helps because I don’t know anyone who streams so no one can tell me what they did. This beginner’s guide is super helpful and I will definitely be using some of these tips. It’s so detailed too. I didn’t even really think about things like internet speed. I really only cared about the specs of my PC when I was building it to make sure it could handle a lot of games and run them well. But if I don’t have good internet what’s the point because the stream will have bad quality. This site really really good and I will be referring back to it whenever I need help.

There are a lot of sites that give tips for streamers but this site is good. It might be because of tag line but I can tell that whoever runs the blog really cares about helping people. That’s just what I get from this, maybe I’m looking too hard into this. I just like when people have the right intentions. This person is very thorough and all the posts have so much information. If you want to learn stuff about streaming I would highly recommend this site.

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